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Broadway at the Beach Pre-Tournament ADD-ON: 

Saturday, April 13, 2019 - Arrival.  Condos available at 4pm.

Sunday, April 14, 2019 - Pre-Trip ADD-ON Golf at TBD

Monday, April 15, 2018 - Pre-Trip ADD-ON Golf at TBD

        Golfers are TBD



Short Trip General Itinerary:

Monday, April 15, 2019 - Condos available at 4pm.  8pm Reception to pay Gaming fee & pick bonus amounts.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - River Hills @ 12:30pm-12:54pm (DT) 2-Man Scramble Skins

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - Crow Creek @ 12:30pm-12:54pm (DT) (Round 1)

Thursday, April 18, 2019 - Farmstead Golf Links @ 12:30pm-12:54pm (DT) (Round 2)

Friday, April 19, 2019 - Panther's Run Golf Links @ 10am-11am (ST) (Round 3)

Saturday, April 20, 2019 - Check-out is 10am.  I will be departing at 9am or so.

Sunday, April 21, 2019 - Easter Sunday


Short Trip Price: $700 per person, private single room (3 guys per condo)

Package includes: 5 nights, 4 rounds.

We arrive on Monday and golf on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  We depart on Saturday.  The average price that we are paying for golf is $85 per round and $65 per night for the condos.

Master Suite upgrade: $50 for the week for Master Suites with private Bathroom

Double occupancy discount: $100 for the week for a shared room with a shared Bathroom - only 4 of these discounts available


NEW 2018 - $150 Gaming Fee to be paid upon arrival in Myrtle Beach.  All money won during the week will be paid in cash at the Champions' Dinner. 


All Trip Packages include deluxe lodging in a 3-bedroom golf course condo (triple Occupancy), Championship Golf, Linens & Towels, Tournament Administration, Departure Maid Service, and up to $1,500 in bonus payouts (with 32 golfers).  Once deposits are sent to the realty company (December 1), they become non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE:  Room assignments are not guaranteed.  The realty company reserves the right to switch our reservations in cases where a unit may become unavailable.  The trip organizer reserves the right to make changes to the proposed room assignments if the trip roster changes.  The trip organizer will do everything possible to honor all rooming requests and prior reservations.



$200 Deposit to hold your spot (due before November 15, 2018)

Final Payment due before February 15, 2019



FLIGHT INFO as of 1-11-2018

Allegiant from PIT to MYR only flies on Sunday and Thursday.  That doesn't really work for our itinerary.

Spirit from PIT to MYR is offering a $221 departing flight at 12:35pm on Sunday and a $220 returning flight at 2:45pm on Saturday or Sunday.  If you choose to fly down on Sunday and home on Saturday, you will need to add 1 night of lodging at the beginning of the trip.

BEST OPTION:  Spirit from Latrobe to MYR is offering the best itinerary for the Short trip.  They have an $85.29 departing flight at 1:55pm on Monday and an $85.29 returning flight at 1:05pm on Saturday.  No extra lodging is needed with this itinerary.  Also, the times of the flights are very convenient.  Flying from Latrobe also has the option of departing Saturday or Sunday if you want to go early.


LUGGAGE:  Luggage fees thru Spirit are currently listed at $35 for your first bag and $45 for your second bag EACH WAY.  That's $160 total for only 80 pounds of luggage.

If you prefer the convenience of not lugging your bags to and from the airports, there will be luggage service provided by some of the drivers.  The cost is only $25 per bag each way. That's $60 cheaper than the airlines would be for 2 bags roundtrip.  With our luggage service, you will not have weight restrictions on your bags and they will be delivered directly to the condo developement.  Bags will need to be dropped off to the driver by 5pm on the day before his departure. 

Tentative Luggage haulers are:  

     Saturday departure - Dale Baker Sr and Nick Baker (hauling Dale Jr, Herb, Izzy, Dan Vok, B Webb, Jesse, Adam, Taylor clothes only, Carletti golf only)

     Monday departure - Paul, Cux, JF (hauling Osh, Tom Green, John Cima, Taylor golf only)


2019 Tournament Gaming fee of $150 to be paid upon arrival in Myrtle Beach

Payouts based on 32 participants, starting Tuesday and going thru Friday

$610 Tournament Purse - The top 6 will win:  $150, $120, $100, $90, $80, $70

$420 Daily Point Winners - Top 4 Daily High Point Totals on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday will win:  $50, $40, $30, $20

$1,550 Closest to the Pins - CPs will be worth $50 each on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. Then, on Championship Friday EVERY HOLE will have a $50 CP on them.  There will not be carryovers.  Any leftover CPs will be awarded via a raffle.  You may only win 7 CPs.  Any CP won after you've won the max will go to the raffle.  $350 in winnings is enough cash for your $50 investment.  NEW 2019 - Players playing from the GOLD tees will also play the GOLD tees on Par 3s.

NEW 2018 - There will be one (1) CP per day (hole #6 each day) that will be for "B Flight ONLY". Hopefully, this will help to distribute the money a little better.  The tournament committee feels like this is the best way to handicap CPs.

$200 Long Drives, 2 divisions - There will be a WHITE TEE division and a GOLD TEE division.  Long Drives will be worth $30 each in the WHITE division and $20 in the GOLD division.  There will be 1 Long Drive each day in each division (Tuesday thru Friday).  There will not be carryovers.  Any leftover Long Drives will be awarded via a raffle.  Maximum of 2 long drives for any player.

$520 CHIP-IN & MONEY HOLE (#1 hcp) GAME -  Every Chip-In AND every PAR or Better on the MONEY HOLE during individual play will be worth one share of the purse. 2 share maximum for MONEY HOLE. Any shot that is holed from off of the green is considered a Chip-In.  It doesn't matter what club you use.  If you are not on the putting surface, it is a Chip-In. Also, PAR is not needed.

$960 SKINS GAME (Birdie or Better to Qualify) - TWO DIVISIONS - (all individual golf Tuesday thru Saturday) - $10 per person per day will go towards this purse.  If you are in the top 16 in the field (or have a HCP Avg of 91 or better), your money will be allocated to the A Flight game.  If you are in the bottom 16 in the field (or have a HCP Avg of 92 or higher), your money will be allocated to the B Flight game.  However, if you are placed in the B Flight game, you may choose to be put in the A Flight game or you may pay $10 per day to be included in the A Flight game in addition to the B Flight game.  Also, all players with a HCP AVG of 92+ may pay $10/day to play in the B Flight game even if their money is allocated to the A Flight game.

Every SKIN will be worth one share of the day's purse.  Remember, this is a SKINS game, BIRDIES on the same hole WILL cancel each other.  $100 is the maximum amount of a skin, except on the final day, they can be worth $200.  Any leftover money will carry to the next day.  Any leftover money on the final day will go to the raffle.

$300 is the maximum that you can win in the SKINS game. Any money won over $300 will be put into the raffle and you will be removed from the game.  You will not ne refunded for the remaining days.  The tournament committee feels that $300 in winnings is enough cash for your $40 investment. 

$540 2-MAN Scramble SKINS Purse - On Tuesday we will be playing a 2-Man Scramble SKINS Game.  There will be 2 divisions, A Flight and B Flight, both playing a Skins game with a pot of $400 in each division.  Playing Skins keeps all teams in the hunt for a Skin all the way to the end of the round.  No matter how bad your team is playing, you can always make a birdie and win a Skin.  Low Score in each division will also win a Skin.

$1,500 in BONUS PAYOUTS - $560 ($140/day) to the SKINS Game main pot, $680 to the Chip-In & Money Hole pot, $260 to 2-Man Scramble SKINS pot